Mountain Lion features added more Success to Apple Records

Mountain Lion Features

Apple announced that world’s most loved Operating System OS X® Mountain Lion Downloads has been crossed 3 million in 4 days, OS X® Mountain Lion Features gave a big success to Apple has never seen before. The latest Operating System released with around 200 innovative new features, Apples Major product & powerful advanced Desktop OS

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 with Jelly Bean released from Karbonn Mobiles

Karbonn Smart Tab 1

Karbonn Mobiles introduced worlds first Affordable tablet Karbonn Smart Tab 1 running on the revolutionary Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ platform. With this Technology Karbonn Mobiles become the very 1st company to bring the latest innovation from the Android world to be the fastest and smoothest version of Android OS, Jelly Bean improves on the simplicity

Speed up your Android Device with few steps

Android Tips

Phone getting a bit lazy ? moving swipe very slowly? it worked smoothly when it buy….Speed up your Android Device with below tips 1) Dont put live Wallpaper for your screen Live wallpapers seems very funny but update the wall papers & to animate the same will use some amount of resource from the device

Google’s Handwrite is new Searching feature for Android & Apple IOS devices

Google Handwrite

If you search on laptop or Desktop computer you never its very convenient, when you search on a mobile with Touch screen it’s somewhat inconvenience to type. So, Google trying to give a better feature on mobile to type easily, Google given lot of features for mobile user like Voice Search, auto result is getting planning to expand Network

DigitalWalt Logo Team has decided to start multiple Websites to reach every in the world in many ways, after setting up main website, sub websites  slowly come out one by one. The aim of DigitalWalt is “at least one word for everyone” that is from kids to parents, learners to professionals, Students to Scientists, patient

Facebook new bookmarking feature to save News and Feed items for future

Facebook News

Facebook new bookmarking feature to save News and Feed items for later viewing. Facebook is introducing a new option for users to save posts in mobile and desktop News Feed for later viewing Facebook new bookmarking feature not rolled out for all users, but those in the test can bookmark items by clicking “save” on

Microsoft’s New webmail with Wonderful Features

Microsofts Outlook

Goodbye Hotmail, Welcome Microsoft announced this week that it called a unbelievable  Webmail ( webmail) service  whose features it said aim to meet the needs of modern times. “More changes happened in eight years, and we think it’ time for a fresh look at email – modern, connected, smart, powerful, and in control,” Microsoft’s

Google upgraded Video chat as Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

As you enjoy video chatting with Gmail since 2008, you can say goodbye to your video chating with one person from your buddy list and welcome to Group chating with Google Hangouts And Google giving a surprised gift for Google fans, Users & customers, It is going to replacing or Upgrading Gmail video chat with

Telugu typing Software online is easy with out any Software & special keyboard skills

Telugu typing software :  Telugu script online is quite easy as you know English typing తెలుగు టైపింగ్ సులభంగా నేర్చుకోండి Why need Telugu Typing  Software :  If u have a blog or website that u need to post content in Telugu script(it supports any kind of  CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..), other thing is people want

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