Mobile Operating Systems Top 10 (6-10)

Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile Operating Systems [Part 2 of 2] As we discussed in earlier post about Mobile Operating Systems  Part 1 of 2 , we mentioned only top 5, and now in this post the other 5 will cover. BADA Like other Mobile Operating Systems, Samsung also owns the operating system, which is known as BADA .

Data Recovery conducting from formatted HDD


Data Recovery The process of formatting the hard drive is different from deleting files. Last retains the data in a short time. While deleting data does not disappear physically, whereas after format files completely rewritten on the media. In the process of re-created file table, which indicates that the disc is free. But if the

Wi-Fi – Advantages and Disadvantages of Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi Overview Wi-Fi is an abbreviation of the phrase Wireless Fidelity, which translates as “wireless precision.” It was established in 1999 as a wireless equivalent of Ethernet. Wi-Fi technology in recent years is growing rapidly and is widely used throughout the world. She has great potential, but, as with any other technology, along with the

WordPress Site-How to move WordPress site to another host


Move WordPress site to another hosting There are a number of new hosting services  that are available now, and you might be tempted to place the site in one of them.  But what if your site is hosted on a server?  can move WordPress site from one server to another, and this process is quite

Mobile Operating Systems Top 5 of 10

Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile Operating Systems [Part 1 of 2] Many people have sufficient knowledge about the various mobile phones and their companies, but very few of them know something about mobile operating systems .  This is very important to know about the various mobile operating systems used by a number of companies so that you can know

Modbook Pro tablet is based on Mac hardware – additional optional SSD

Modbook pro logo

Modbook Pro Tablet In late June the company Modbook Inc. introduced the Modbook Pro, and today the manufacturer has upgraded a little configuration. Modbook Pro is based on hardware from a MacBook Pro 13 “, but its body was scaled according to the size of a tablet. New Modbook Pro compared with the previous launch

Google Drive and Picasa are combined now

Google Drive and Picasa

Google Drive shared storage with Picasa Google Drive and Picasa : Google Drive shared storage capacity with Picasa, Google eliminating many other services, Google has continued to carry out the plan “spring cleaning” his recently announced plans to shut down many small features, and combined storage space of Drive and Picasa together. These services removed

First-Generation iPhone is equipped with Google Maps

Apple iOS Maps

According to an article recently published in the NYTimes said, in 2007, that the time of the first-generation iPhone launch, Apple did not have any intention to equip the map ( Maps ) for iPhone . At the introduction of the iPhone, Steve Jobs Maps show but it only added a few weeks ago that and 2 Apple engineers had to work hard during the three weeks to integrate Maps on the iPhone

Digital Camera : How to choose a digital camera?

Digital Camera

Digital Camera Today, the digital camera is not a luxury, which was long ago, and the same familiar and indispensable thing, such as a mobile phone, and almost every one of us makes a purchase. Well, if you know exactly which model you need, but what about those who have never interested in photographic equipment?

WorldWide Telescope – Explore the Universe from PC

Microsoft's WorldWide-Telescope

WorldWide Telescope Microsoft WorldWide Telescope is a free application that allows you to explore the universe from your computer.  offers more than a planetarium with tours, free exploration of options, the community, and an active search function telescope connection.  You can start an application directly to the official website, provided that you have installed Microsoft

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