Password Manager : Free tool to Save all Passwords at one place(Online)

Password Manager

Password Manager : To day I want to share an most important tip about our online Accounts and Passwords Management, Nowadays each one having at least 10 online accounts like email accounts, social media accounts, online shopping accounts, forum community accounts and many more. If you are not having all these at least you will have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter,  linked and One Online Shopping account. Can you remember all these accounts and passwords if you really use industry standard password means 8 or more asterisks strong passwords ? And if you are spending most of the time online and doing some business or entrepreneurship again you will use many websites accounts and forums login details, Then you must know this.

Still some people using sticky notes, notepads, email drafts, system documents and insecure tools in smartphones to save their complicated and important passwords and some personnel information. All these are having chance to steal your information. Then How?

How to save all these passwords & how to remember whenever they required?

It is very simple, A small piece of software tool called “Lastpass Password Manager” can do this things for you easily for all your online accounts. It saves your information securely to use when ever required without hassles.

Forgot all your passwords and remember only one password of your password manager. Here we will see about most popular free Lastpass Password Manager . Use Lastpass Password Manager and keep all your information safe.

Yes! Lastpass Password Manager is the most popular free and secured password manager. Not only passwords you can save and use any personnel information with Lastpass tool like credit card information(beware of online hackers), insurance information and other pin numbers in secure notes.

You can use Lastpass Password Manager as Auto form filling tool and also strong Password generator. It generates very strong passwords by options. If you are registering or filling online fields(First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Contact Details, Phone Numbers etc) frequently with same data or your personal information, you don’t need to type again and again. Fill all your information once in “Lastpass Password Manager’s Form” with profile name and save it. Now you can fill¬† online forms/fields with single click whenever its required.

How to use “Lastpass Password Manager”?

Password-Manager-Lastpass-password-ManagerYou can use Lastpass Password Manager in Windows, Mac, Linux and all major mobile platforms. All saved Passwords, Form filling data will be available where ever you required in any supported device. All these thing you can do by Installing Lastpass Password Manager

Lastpass Password Manager is very simple to Install for your favorite web browser and it supports all major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer.

All you have to do is just go to Lastpass Password Manager website, download & Install it for all web browsers.Then open any browser and check you will found Asterisk icon on browser’s toolbar area. You have to signup an account for Lastpass Password Manager. But remember this password is very important and it should be very strong password. because all the saved information you can access only with this password.

You can add information to your password manager manually or it will ask you to save automatically where ever it see some text fields in the browsed websites, try to login any of your email account and check, it will ask you to save/remember entered user name and password, if you want to save then press save button and and save it. Thats it. Next time when ever u login in to same website you don’t need to enter login details, automatically it will provide you user name and password to login and some times it logs in to account automatically if use auto login option while saving.

This is really helpful tool for every one, Its available in free and paid versions even in enterprise level. Install and use Lastpass Password Manager and forgot all your passwords except your master password of Password Manager’s.

Note : Use the “Lastpass Password Manager” using at your own risk.

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