Presentation of BlackBerry 10 is scheduled for late January

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10

RIM announced today that the launch of the operating system, BlackBerry 10, and dedicated to his presentation will be held on January 30 next year. In this day of BlackBerry 10 will talk from several sites around the world. Then will start selling the first two smartphones in the new OS. One of them will be full touch device, and the second will get a mechanical keyboard. ‘s operating system currently known enough. The network is not it time to survey the alpha builds. BlackBerry 10 RIM is trying to catch up with iOS and Android, to adapt the interface for touch screens. Previous versions of BlackBerry did not succeed in this. One of the features of the operating system RIM is the concept of  BlackBerry Flow. Designed with its view of the interface is based on a sliding gestures to navigate through the menus and using the device. For the first time this system has been used in the tablet PlayBook, where well-proven. How well RIM will have to create a new interface for its smartphones, will release the first device.

blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10

The second major component will be the BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Hub. It is a common space for all messages, regardless of their source. Here together all notifications of new e-mails, SMS, messages in Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc. BlackBerry Hub is an analog of the iOS notification center and Adnroid, focused exclusively on communications. Will a BB10 and corporate BlackBerry Messenger, and improved browser with the PlayBook tablet and more. Earlier it was planned that the output of BB10 and smartphones on it to be held in March next year. Apparently, RIM realized that the delay in her case, like death. We hope to hurry and shift the release date of its quality does not suffer.

News Source : TechCrunch

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