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Private Browsing

Browse the Internet without saving information about the sites you visit

Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without leaving the computer being used trace. When using Private Browsing, your browser does not keep information about visited sites, downloaded files, filling out forms, entered search queries, etc. Private Browsing is very useful when you use a public computer.

As already mentioned above, different browsers private browsing is called differently. For example, in Google Chrome, this feature is called “Incognito”, and in Internet Explorer it is called “InPrivate”.

Below are definitions of the private viewing browser vendors:

Mozilla Firefox (if you don’t have Download it)

Private browsing – this session, at which Firefox will not save your browsing history, history of queries, downloads history, the history of filling Web forms, cookie or temporary Internet files. However, the downloaded files and bookmark will be saved.

Internet Explorer

Private Browsing prevents Internet Explorer to store information about your browsing history. It includes the cookie, temporary Internet files, history, and other data.Tool bars and extensions are disabled by default.

Google Chrome

The pages that you view in this window Private Browsing will not appear in your browsing history or the history of queries, and then close all open windows, they will not leave traces on your computer, such as the cookie. However, any files you download and bookmark will be left.


If desired, view the page, without leaving any traces (such as when using a public computer or someone else’s), you can use private browsing.

To start private browsing in the browser, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts, or menu command

  • Internet Explorer: Use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + P or select “Private Browsing” from the tools menu.
  • Mozilla Firefox : Use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + P or select “Start Private Browsing” from the orange button.
  • Google Chrome : Use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N or select “New incognito window” from the wrench.
  • Opera : Use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N or select “Create a private tab” from the menu tabs.

Perhaps, however, that you always want to run your browser in private browsing mode. Today we will tell you how to do it.

If you do not really want to read a lot of letters, the end of the article on the second page, there is a video with the following actions.

Run Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing Mode

Click on the orange Firefox button and select Settings. Next, go to the Privacy tab and select “Will use your settings to keep history,” which is present in the history section.

Now check the “Always run in private browsing” and apply the changes.


When using this method, Firefox will always start in private browsing mode, but its orange button is not going to turn into the blue, as it usually happens when you run a Private Browsing Mode in Firefox via keyboard shortcuts, or menu option.

Mozilla Firefox Private-Browsing-Mode

Do not worry, that was meant to be. Firefox still works in private browsing mode, as can be seen by clicking on the orange button to Firefox. Its menu option instead of “Start Private Browsing”, you will see the option “Complete Private Browsing.”

The following method for Internet Explorer also works for Mozilla Firefox, that is, to start Firefox in a private browsing mode, simply add the item to the end of the “Target”, which is in the shortcut properties, parameter -Private .

Private-Browsing-startup in Firefox

Run Internet Explorer in Private Browsing Mode

Right-click on the icon Internet Explorer, select Properties, and add to the end of the rows of a parameter-private.

Internet Explorer Private Browsing startup

Note that between the existing label and parameter -private should be blank.

Click the Apply button, and then every time you start Internet Explorer using the shortcut, the browser will start in Private Browsing InPrivate.

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