Proxy Server – Work with a proxy server

Proxy Server

Proxy Server

Fairly frequent times when it becomes necessary to use a proxy server. Very often, such a need arises from the webmaster. This happens due to the actions of the web-master, that is, spending some manipulation to optimize and promote the site, sometimes IP optimizer falls under a ban of a particular resource. After that, the resource view and work with him is impossible. Here comes to the rescue proxy, through which you can get access to a certain website and continue to work with him.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server can be, as a normal computer and an Internet site. This kind of server provides the client computer connection to other servers or sites, that is the mediator between the two. Use of proxy servers is very common in third world countries. Their governments often prohibit visiting the various resources the citizens of his country, and the strongly blocking access to them. The proxy server enables communication with the negative sites. This is because that this kind of server can be located anywhere in the world. How is the connection? The client (user’s personal computer) goes to the proxy server (a computer – the intermediary), and in turn, the proxy server provides links to other servers or sites.

Proxy Server

Proxy servers are transparent and anonymity. By transparent proxy servers include those that do not alter the customer data and transmit them to the form in which they are received, that is, for example, IP address can not be changed on this indicator will be to find out who used the services of this station. Anonymous proxy servers hide the IP address of the client, thus changing the information on it that allows access to various resources incognito for the client. , The IP address will be displayed only the proxy server address. But this is only one side of the coin, there is another. Hide the computer sometimes to give him maximum protection. The majority of proxy servers have a powerful protection against intruders, so the main brunt will proxy server, not the computer, which will try to attack.

How to set up a proxy server at home on a PC?

If you have a browser Mazila Firefox, you will need to install an extension called “FoxyProxy”. You can download it from the official website or from a browser, using the tab “Add”. With this extension you can control the IP address of the proxy server, changing and adjusting them by choosing your desired server. On the Internet, a sufficient number of resources that offer proxy addresses, such as this one . Of course, some of them are not working, but you can find ones that will work just fine, and to protect your computer. By default, the program is already installed FoxyProxy server for all connections, but it is not anonymous, many users and webmasters do not like, so you have to look online for quick, anonymous server, and there are very common. To set up the Opera browser to navigate to the Tools tab – General Settings – Advanced – Network and already there click on the “Proxies”. In the window to make the necessary adjustment. All these manipulations are not complicated. When used correctly, proxy servers can be very useful, although often misused. Also you can find more Public Proxy Server here

On the Internet there, and other programs that can help you organize a connection and work with a proxy server. The choice is always the user. He decides for what purposes they need such a connection, and evaluates its options.

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