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QR Code


New technologies are rapidly changing our lives, and not notice these changes impossible. A couple of years ago in our country about the QR code not heard, and the few companies that are aware of the existence of this system were afraid to use it in advertising. But time will put everything in its place, and now on the streets of our cities, in advertisements and even on the clothes we are increasingly confronted with this versatile software.

QR-code can contain a lot of different information, there may be hidden phone numbers, links, e-mail, informational text, and more. In order to understand what it is that has this strange image, we need to scan it. You can do it from any iPhone or iPad equipped with a camera.

In App Store a wide number of different applications to scan QR codes. Most of these applications are virtually identical in use, they are all equally good scan code and decode the information provided therein. Main difference is in the set of additional features.

Today, in our review, we consider the application QR Reader for iPhone / QR Reader for iPad. This application was chosen based on the following factors:

this application has been the most useful, in addition, we have quite a long experience with it;
it is equally well adapted for both the iPhone and for the iPad;
The app is free.
The main menu of the application consists of five tabs: “History” (showing the results of previous scans), “Favorites” (saved favorites scan results), “Scanner” (just reads the information from the code), “Generator” (allows you to create your own QR codes and share them), “More” (application settings).

Application immediately runs in the scanner mode. All I need to scan – bring the device to the code, so that he was in the designated area, as shown in Figure 3. The scanning process takes a few seconds. The application automatically displays the result: referrals, displays the phone number shows geolocation and so on. If necessary QR Reader can scan codes previously photographed, photo albums are stored in the device. With a lack of lighting can turn the flash mode illumination.

QR Code

QR Code

Tab in the “History” and “Favorites” for each of the results is available from the menu of five steps: share, add / delete from bookmarks, change the name, information, delete.

Bookmark “Generator” allows you to create own QR code with the information we need. To obtain the code, press the “+” button in the tab “Generator”. Then select the type of information: link, a phone number, text, etc.

After that, enter the information and click “Create”. The resulting code can be sent by e-mail or post on social networks.

In the tab “More”, you can change some application settings, as well as 99 cents to disable ads that sometimes pops up while using the application.

With regard to the application for the iPad, it differs only in the vertical orientation of the main menu, while the iPhone menu layout is horizontal.

Download the version for the iPhone can be here.

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