Skip ads on Youtube while watching video

Well know video sharing website is YouTube, most of the people knows about it. Also every one knows Internet marketing, Ad network is the part of internet marketing, now a day’s maximum of website owners publishing ads along with their valuable content to get some income from it (no one work for none). Previously ads displayed on Web Pages (static & dynamic). but now it’s came to videos, before watching a original video from video sharing sites you will get a sponsors ad (video ad) on YouTube, Google Videos, vimeo etc.

We must watch ad video to get original video even if you’re not interested to watch it, just assume that you would watch 100 videos (videos length may be any) in a day, you need to spend minimum 30 to 40 minutes for only ads. It’s irritating & sometimes we get fed up

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So, let’s check how to skip ads on YouTube videos?

Skip ads on YouTube with Google chrome Extensions:

A.”Skip ads on YouTube” will works with human interaction, it doesn’t work automatically, we have to use it manually. A button will be added to video page once you install extension, have to click on the button to skip ads on video. You can add “Skip ads on YouTube” to your Google Chrome browser

Watch the tutorial for “Skip ads on YouTube”

B. Skip ads on YouTube with “YouTube options for Google Chrome”, you can disable annoying things from video sharing sites YouTube and many other sites.

Features of “YouTube Options for Google Chrome” : you can disable ads, auto play, change resolutions, flash pre buffering, loping/reply, download all available versions of media (Only full Version).

C. Skip ads on You Tube with “F5”

You can use F5 button for skipping the video ad before the targeted ad which you want see.F5 will refresh & reloads video page, ad will be skipped when page is reloaded.

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