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SkyDrive From Microsoft for Android

Following the recent changes in online SkyDrive, giving it a modern Windows 8 looks Microsoft has finally released the long-awaited official Android app for the same. Although we have considered many ways in which you could get access to SkyDrive files with Android, the official application always has its own charm. SkyDrive from Microsoft for Android So let’s get started on the way to the store and Play installation of an SkyDrive App for Android our devices.  Application can be installed on all devices running Gingerbread and above.  When the application starts for the first time, it asks for credentials Microsoft user account and configure the application to a specific account.

Android App SkyDrive

After you register the application, you will see all the files and folders that are in your account on the main screen. The folders will have a small amount to them tell you the exact number of files they contain. You can open the file, which is supported on Android, and generate it read-only and read / write link. You can also  share files  link with one of the many third-party applications installed on your device and navigate past the folders and files shared with you on SkyDrive using the top navigation control.

You can open any file on SkyDrive as long as you have a compatible app installed on your device, but you can share the link of all the files, even if they are not supported on your device. Simply long press a file icon opens all options exchange. There is no way to  make the file available offline  , you will have to download them to your device and access to them by hand.

Android SkyDrive

In the download section also has its limitations.  With the application, you can create a new folder on SkyDrive and batch downloading files from a specific folder.  But the ability to upload folder is not accessible to all users.  And, in my opinion is a huge disappointment.

Our verdict

Microsoft’s latest innovations from  and SkyDrive online sure raised my expectations, but after trying out the official SkyDrive application for Android, everything was destroyed, as Jenga tower.  could easily perform all these operations using SkyDrive  ES File Explorer  themselves.  Microsoft really should include some interesting features in future updates and automatic synchronization should be the first thing they have to start working.

Please share your SkyDrive experience with Android here as your comment….!

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