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Skype for Windows 8

Skype for Windows 8 is ready (at least in the video it looks very realistic.) Microsoft promises that it will be available on October 26 with the release of Windows 8. Nothing much has changed in Skype, except, of course, the interface. It’s made for tablets and fingertip control. But more interesting. In fact, Skype is now defaulted component of Windows. So, you don’t need to ask Google “Skype for Windows 8”. Hardly Microsoft physically embed Skype in Windows (or else face antitrust claims), but, of course, Skype will be available on the first page of the store Windows Store – the main source of Skype for Windows 8. And if someone wants to install on your tablet or computer application for video chat and IP-telephony, the first thing he sees – is Skype. Thus, the bright future of Skype will be provided, but, of course, provided that a bright future will be in the operating system Windows.

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