Top Adsense earners in India analyzed by DigitalWalt

Top Google Adsense Earners in India

Top Adsense earners in India

We have analyzed list of Top Adsense earners in India, Everyone heard that Making money online. To make money online there are several programs existed, that depending on the person who wants to earn from online, but only one is the best & Un beatable program is avail in the online market that is GOOGLE ADSENSE, Yes, Google Adsense is the only one which is the best Biggest online publishing program for real Publishers.  Adsense is the online advertising program from Google which is offering to earn the money from Blogs & Websites with wide variety of quality content. The program is freely available for advertisers to get ads on their Websites or Blogs, once you agree & decided to get an Adsense account it’s very easy in few steps with existed or new Google Mail account. While sighing up Google Adsense you have to provide some basic information about your Website or Blog.
Well, let’s look at some top adsense earners India with some details about their Websites & Blogs.
Amit AgarwalDigital Inspiration :  Digital Inspiration is listed in Top Adsense earners in India, it is started in December 12, 2006 by Mr. Amit Agarwal (36), he is an Professional Indian Blogger, his website contains re-written & new articles on common internet & technology topics, he become a specialist in blogging in new advanced Technology Articles & how guide.


Ranks & Traffic Details
Date of Registration : 2006-12-15
Daily Visits: 582,072
Daily Pageviews: 2,677,530
Monthly Visits: 17,462,150
Monthly Pageviews: 80,325,891
Google PR: 6/10
Alexa Rank: 2,376 (355 in India)
Page views Per User: 1.6
Search Engine Traffic %: 35%Top Ranking Countries: India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan    

Adsense Income:




Amit BhavaniAmith Bhawani also listed in Top Adsense earners in India, was started in April 03, 2007, Mr. Amith Bhavani is one of the professional blogger from India, he covers on his website Latest Technology Tips, career, health, pictures, India & auto etc.



Ranks & Traffic Details
Date of Registration: 2007-04-03
Daily Visits: 98,660
Daily Pageviews: 453,834
Monthly Visits: 2,959,788
Monthly Pageviews: 13,615,025
Google PR: 4/10
Alexa Rank: 23,370 ( 3,114 in India)
Pageview Per User: 4.5
Search Traffic %: 27%
Top Ranking Countries: India,Bangladesh , Pakistan & Malaysia

Adsense Income: Adsense Revenue/Income




3. adsense income/revenueHarsh Agarwal started his website on November 30, 2008 to write articles about Blogging tips, WordPress tips, Search Engine Optimization Tips, Social media & he knows very well how to make money online, so, people getting knowledge with his website.


Ranks & Traffic Details
Date of Registration: 2008-30-11
Daily Visits: 173,916
Daily Pageviews: 800,016
Monthly Visits: 5,217,494
Monthly Pageviews: 24,000,472
Google PR: 4/10
Alexa Rank: 4885 (528 in India)
Pageviews Per User: 3.2
Search Traffic %: 10%
Top Ranking Countries: India,Bangladesh , Sri Lanka & Pakistan                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Adsense Income: adsense income/revenue
 adsense income/revenueArun Prabhudesai, was started April 18, 2007 & He is also listed in Top Adsense earners in India, as he writes articles on Economy, Business, Telecom, India, Startups & tech tips, he was in IT area since 1996, now he is in Top Adsense earners in India list.



Ranks & Traffic Details
Date of Registration: 2007-04-18
Daily Visits: 124,477
Daily Pageviews: 572,592
Monthly Visits: 3,734,297
Monthly Pageviews: 17,177,768
Google PR: 5/10
Alexa Rank: 12,880 (1010 in India)
Page views per user: 3.1
Search Traffic %: 27.3
Top Ranking Countries:  India, Pakistan & Bangladesh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Adsense Income: adsense income/revenue



5. adsense revenue/incomeJaspal Singh was started his blogging Website on October  11, 2009 to become an Indian Blogger and he in the list of Top Adsense earnders in India with in the short period, he got good popularity in 2 years only. His blog tells us About Blogging, WordPress blogging, WordPress Plugins ans themes, Google SEO, How to tips.


Ranks & Traffic Details
Date of Registration: 2009-10-11
Daily Visits: 129,975
Daily Pageviews: 597,884
Monthly Visits: 3,899,244
Monthly Pageviews: 17,936,521
Google PR: 4/10
Alexa Rank: 11782 (2206 in India)
Page views per user: 1.74
Search Traffic %: 24.4%
Top Ranking Countries: India,Kenya And Pakistan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Adsense Income: adsense income/revenue



India is one of the biggest online marketer across the globe, our’s is in top 5 countries list, we should become experts in online affiliate programs, we have more Top Adsense earners in India visit bloogle

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