Top iPhone Apps for College Students-Ten Apps

Top iPhone Apps for College Students

Top iPhone Apps for College Students

At the beginning of the school year reminding our readers some of the applications that can be used in studies

1. The Chemical Touch
This application, which was a touch periodic table of elements, will help to make lessons more interactive chemistry.
Choose a different chemical elements to learn more about their properties and characteristics. The application also allows you to select a different color sections table to illustrate periodic trends. If you need a deeper explanation, the application will open the relevant pages of Wikipedia.
The cost of “The Chemical Touch”: $ 0,99. Available for iOS-devices.

2. Essentials by AccelaStudy
Learning a foreign language is an integral part of education. This application can be an excellent educational tool in the study of French, Italian, Spanish or Chinese. It provides a ready-made cards for vocabulary and audio tests to practice pronunciation.
In addition, this application is free.

3. Evernote Peek
Create a “cheat sheets”, or rather, to remember the cards is a tedious process, to which the majority of students do not have the time. App Evernote Peek will take most of the work themselves. App turns your iPad and Smart Cover Case in cards for storage. And do not worry if you do not cover, the application creates a “virtual cover.”
Strengthen your memory is easy and free.

4. Frog Dissection
It is possible that for some gutting frogs in biology class is fun, but for others it can be a barrier to getting high scores – difficult to count on success fighting the gag. This application allows students to rid of the smell of formaldehyde in the process of studying the anatomy of a frog. Bright 3D visualization allows to study in detail the structure of the internal organs of the animal.
The cost of application: $ 3.99.

5. Graphing Calculator
Graphing calculators are expensive, but do your homework without his calculations, is almost impossible. Instead of buying himself a calculator, consider purchasing an application that allows it to be replaced.
He quickly makes graphics several equations, using a keyboard for data entry. It allows you to create graphs of polar and parametric equations, and many others. In addition, you can take screenshots and send graphics calculator by email.
The cost of the application is $ 2.99, which is much less than the price of the real calculator.

6. Math Formulas
Want to keep your trigonometric formulas separate from algebraic? This application will be your assistant in mathematics.
The application stores frequently used formulas, classified by areas of mathematics, which provides a quick and easy access to them. In addition, you can create a section that will be “selected” formula. Information is also provided about the formulas drawings, if necessary, as in the case of geometry.
The application costs $ 0.99.

7. Easel SAT Prep Lite
SAT (school assessment test) is one of the most important tests in the career of an American high school student. This application allows you to prepare for it with no problems and the cost of money.
The application consists of three sections (math, text analysis, and grammar), each of which has 25 questions and the function “Show Me”, which explains how to arrive at the right answer.
Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on books to prepare for the test, you can use this app for free.

8. Shakespeare
High school would not be complete without the complete works of William Shakespeare. However, to understand the difficult passages from “Romeo and Juliet” – no easy task.
This application will facilitate familiarity with the classic originals. It contains 41 of Shakespeare’s plays and 154 sonnets to read on the iPhone or iPad. The application supports a glossary of Shakespeare’s famous phrases (such as “To be, or not to be”) and provides a detailed breakdown on the scenes and characters in each act.
The app is free.

9. Studious
For the organization of the daily schedule of class and homework is the purpose Studious. The application allows you to set deadlines for assignments and remind approximation tests and examinations.
Going to class, remember to put your phone on silent mode? Annex “make” silence his schedule in the calendar.
The application is available for free in the store Google Play.

10. World Atlas
This application is necessary for lessons in geography. It provides high resolution images with detail and accuracy.
The application provides the students information about each country, including the capital cities, flags, and government. You can switch between three different map styles, including classical, ancient and satellite.
World Atlas worth $ 0.99.

If you find any Top iPhone Apps for College Students, please share them here as your comments

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