Transfer Your Friends Birthdays from Facebook into Google Calendar


Facebook Friends Birthdays to Google Calendar

Facebook is the most used and largest social network, It offers lot of convenient features  like Instant messaging, Events, Photo Album ann Calender. Facebook Calender is holding birthdays of friends with notification of friends birthdays which is never forget to congratulate your dear people. But when it comes in terms of time, The social media eats our time, if you would like to minimize your time at social media and you do not want to give up useful features ofers by social media like Facebook. So, let’s see one of the best feature that Birthdays on Facebook Calender. Now we will see how to transfer Facebook Calender days of friends birthdays from Facebook to Google Calender.

It is very simple and easy. Steps to Trasnfer Facebook Calender to Google Calenders.

Here You can export your friends’ birthdays or upcoming events into Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Step 1 #  Login to your Facebook account and look for the “Events” which usually on left hand side at Favorites. Just like mentioned in the Facebook screenshot.

Step 2 # Here you can see a list of the Upcoming events that you have and  list of birthdays of your friends. Turn on Calender by clicking it button at the Events menu. There you can see Facebook Calender with your friends birthdays. Just see all of your friends Birthdays and try to scroll Calender. If you scroll it you can see many years of Facebook Calender, Just for fun my self i scrolled till 2030(nothing will change).


Facebook Friends Birthdays in Google Calender Steps.jpg

Step 3 # In the top right corner you can see Calender symbol with “Today” and Gear symbol, so just click on Gear symbol and select “Export” menu. A windows will appear on screen that “Export Events and Birthdays”

Step 4 # In the appeared window right click on the “export your friends’ birthdays”  and select “copy link location”, the Facebook calender url address is copied.

Copied link looks like below.


Step 5 # Go to Google Calender and look for Other Calenders and click on it, then click on add by url and paste the address you copied from Facebook Calender.

Your Friends Birthdays Facebook Calender will be imported in few seconds.  You can change the calender name and Color and you can change the type of notification via Email, SMS or Pop-up window. In this way you will receive remainders or notifications from Facebook to your Inbox. To get SMS you need to verify your mobile number in Google Calenders.

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