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After a long period of alpha and beta testing one of the best Twitter client (Tweetbot) for OS X has finally reached the status of the final version and yesterday (on October 18, 2012) debuted in Mac App Store. Bad news is that the cost of desktop Tweetbot 1.0 is $ 20. If you were involved in testing Tweetbot or at least once in their lives used the version for iPhone or iPad, you should be fine to represent the capabilities of the application. Here’s an excerpt from its description.


A full-featured Twitter client for Mac OS X with its own personality. There are many reasons to love the application. This is a well thought-out interface, sound and animation, working with several bands and speakers.

Tweetbot Key features:

Support for multiple types of messages. Quickly switch between lists and basic taymlentoy.
Working with multiple windows and columns.
Support Center notifications.
Wonderful graphics for retina-display.
Mute filters allow you to block messages from users. You, too, can ignore certain hash tags and keywords.
Synchronization position, read direct messages (DM) and filter between your Mac, iPhone and iPad with iCloud .
Support services Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, CloudApp, Droplr and so on.
Saving drafts, adding geotags to tweets, POI (points of interest), audio / video, list management, and much more.
Details can be found on this page .

Tweetbot for iOS

Many users of high cost Tweetbot literally shocked. And I can understand them – this summer we paid $ 20 for an entire operating system, and now the same is a client for the social network, albeit a very high quality. However, think of how many similar software cost until App / Mac App Store and a mad race to 99 cents per application.

Apparently, the developers of Tweetbot the question asked about its price, too many people, because most of the notes to the company’s official blog, dedicated to such an important event in the life of each product as a release, is the answer to the question “why so much?”:

In connection with the changes in the rules of Twitter on Tweetbot for Mac include a limited number of tokens. This determines how many users can be on the client. This limit is not associated with a limit Tweetbot for iOS, but it is much less. And as soon as all provided tokens to be used, we will not be able to sell the application. After that Tapbots continue to support current users Tweetbot for Mac.
This limit and our desire to support my costs have caused such application, although it is slightly higher than the original price. Not everyone will be happy with cost Tweetbot for Mac, but it can be reduced only if Twitter will provide more tokens. To develop it, we spent a whole year, and it is the only way to return the amount of money spent, and to support the application in the future.
Anyway, download Tweetbot for Mac can now. It is available only in the Mac App Store at a price of $ 19.99.

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