Viral Videos -Top 5 viral videos of last week (26/11/12)

Viral Videos

Top 5 Viral Videos

There was a new week and we are pleased to present a new collection of the most talked about videos. Instead of viewing people billions downloaded video, we select the top 5 viral videos of the week.

What is Viral Video? Ans Here

NBA star sing a Christmas song Carol of the bells with basketballs

Brands quickly soaked holiday spirit, and the NBA is no exception, laying out the video, which was attended by five famous basketball stars. Using just basketballs, five athletes performed the famous Christmas song “Carol of the bells”.

The world’s biggest pile of leaves

Autumn and winter – a favorite time of year for people who like the color of autumn leaves, but what about that when the leaves fall from the trees? People leaving a good mood when they see a pile of leaves lying on the streets. But these guys still found a way to have fun with fallen leaves. After earning more than 1,400 bags of leaves and poured them into one big pile, hoping to gather the world’s biggest pile of leaves. What would you do after that, except that would jump at the pile from the roof.

The original advertisement for condoms Durex

It is a pity that this is not a real commercial Durex, because the idea behind this video, created by director Charlotte Rebeyt, very original and its implementation looks impressive, making you smile. In fairness, it should be noted that earlier Durex has represented several notable commercials, but still want to see every commercial was created with such a creative approach.

Four bored passengers at Manchester Airport

More precisely, five, because one of them takes it to the camera.

Do you like dub step?

Video does not slow down or accelerate – 100% Dance, 100% hard work. About 3 million views in just one week.

I said above are viral videos, Still you are watching them, what will happen….?

Viral Videos doubled their viewers.

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