Whispercast allows Amazon to send content to the Kindle


Whispercast for Amazon Kindle

New service company called Whispercast lets you send content to the device Kindle. The service is intended primarily for educational institutions. With this service, such organizations can distribute to their readers and tablets students electronic textbooks.

Educational administrators will be able to buy through the service Whispercast relevant content and send it wirelessly to the selected device. In this case, the owners of devices require pre-registration.

In addition, service Whispercast will distribute with the help of the different devices and their own content. In addition, Whispercast allow users to restrict access to certain online content and to block certain users receive content. In the future, Amazon will pre-install on Whispercast Tablets Kindle Fire.amazon-whispercast-kindle

The company believes that the service will be in demand, because at this time hundreds of thousands of pupils and students use Kindle device for learning. With the company on the market of Amazon devices for learning actively competes company Apple. Its iPad tablet computer is used in American schools. Only in the second quarter, Apple shipped to a U.S. school about a million of its tablet iPad.

According to the Amazon, Whispercast service will distribute content to other devices, which were installed Amazon e-book reader, among them – Pad and iPhone, the device on the platform of Google Android and personal computers, Source Cnet .

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