Windows 10 Preview, New Features and Download a copy


Microsoft’s New Windows 10 OS

Microsoft has officially released the latest generation of Windows operating system called Windows 10, the upgrade from the existing Windows8.1 to Windows 10, the market has been rumored Microsoft will launch Windows 9 as replace the existing version of the operating system, but according to Microsoft, executive vice president, Windows 10 for the new versions of the Windows operating system, not the enhanced version, its greatest advantage is the complete integration of all types of devices, including desktop computers, mobile computers, tablet PCs, smart phones and XBox gaming platform

We expected everything, but Microsoft still manages to surprise us. Windows 9, Windows XP, Windows One, a Windows TH even circulating for a while… But eventually Redmond chose to call the successor to its desktop operating system and tablet Windows 10. ” The best version of Windows ” ensures Terry Myerson, VP in charge of the Microsoft OS. The idea is to provide an operating system that is capable of supporting a maximum of products, whether it is a “ready to wear” in the conventional desktop device, obviously via smartphones and tablets.

Windows 10

From recent weeks leaked spy photos, the use of different devices to run Windows 10 users will see the unique user interface. Basically, Windows 10 is a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and to borrow the two versions of the design elements of the operating system that combines the “Metro” start screen and the traditional “Start” menu, desktop users see it is no longer covered “Dynamic magnetic stickers” display.

With Windows 10, Microsoft wants to show he has learned from his mistakes. Windows users will find the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen to access their favorite applications. Users can choose to move only in the classic Windows interface, designed for use with a keyboard. Windows 10 also introduces a Notification Center to find the recent activity of its applications.

The multitasking navigation within the operating system also improves through a task view button that appears on the task bar different applications and open files. Last novelty of importance, Multiple Desktops are separate offices among which the user can navigate to work on different projects.

Windows 10 will be available to the general public ” late next year(2015). ” A Technical Preview especially for companies is scheduled for October 1 and a program Windows Insider through which Microsoft will deliver regular updates based on feedback from the community.

The list of new features in Windows 10 OS

1.  The (real) return of the Start button: you asked for it, Microsoft did. It will no longer need to go through the home screen Modern UI much maligned.

2. Continuum: This is the name of a new function that will allow users to easily move from one Window to another, or at least from one application to another. His appearance should also Eliminate the Charms Bar (the bar “talismans”) discovery of Windows 8.

3.  It is possible to create several offices, like Linux or Mac OS X. This feature is quite useful when it Comes to creating thematic desks, and not build up on one screen and all your shortcut files, Including.

4.  A real notification center, complete, similar to what can be found on our smartphones.

5. Storage and Wifi Sense, Sense: a tool for managing your storage space, and a tool for immediate connection. These features are already known, since they actually come to Windows Phone 8.1. Very functional, it is mainly their ergonomics that have made them successful.

6. More Modern UI: this interface appeared with Windows 8, was much interested by users. With
Windows 10, it will disappear, or nearly so, as it will be always present on touchscreen machines using this OS. As for non-touch PC, it should be activated, but not displayed by default. In short, the Windows desktop, the true, should become the nerve center of your machine.

7.  Cortana: nothing to do with Halo or near Cortana is the voice assistant made by Microsoft, designed originally for Windows Phone 8.1. If it has not yet arrived here, its distribution should be enhanced by the release of Windows 10, which also will carry this new feature, even on PC.

8.  Internet Explorer is modernized and it will be added more easily extensions to your favorite IE browser. It should explode the number of extensions available.

Microsoft says, Windows 10 will be the company’s “the most comprehensive platform ever”, can provide customized experience through a single platform for all hardware. You can download Windows 10 it from Microsoft website.

Windows 10: Enterprise Features & Core Experience for Businesses

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