Most useful shortcut keys for Windows 8

Windows 8

Shortcut keys for windows 8

I am very exiting to instal & running Microsoft’s New operating system Windows 8. i have to say this can be a amendment within the game and therefore the approach windows is used. i’m still obtaining accustomed jumping between Metro style applications, and therefore the desktop applications. one in all the annoying things I found but is jumping between the beginning menu, charms choices and therefore the desktop on a portable computer that’s not bit enabled.  moving the mouse to the proper corner may be a bit slow and cumbersome.  This caused be to seem for a few keyboard short cuts.  The one i have been searching for is Windows Key (Win) + C.  Happy W8ting!

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Win + E – explorer
Win + R – Run
Win + X – start-menu like option (System
Win + L – other old favorite, lock   desktop    Utility Settings Menu in bottom-left corner)
Win + T – tab between taskbar programs
Win + Q/W/F – search Apps/Settings/Files
Win + K – devices charm
Win + S – screen clipping with OneNote.
Win + B – does something (Go back to   desktop)
Win + Tab – Open switch list
Win + U – Ease of Access center
Win + Enter – Windows Narrator
Win + . – Snap Application to Left Side
Win + J – Switches focus between snapped Metro applications
Ctrl + Mouse  Scroll (In Desktop) – Change Desktop Icon Size
Win + M – minimize all windows
Win + Z – Access Options of Metro Apps (Can also be accessed by right-clicking on an empt  space)
Ctrl + Mouse    Scroll (In Start Screen) – Tile Zoom   Toggle
Win + P – old favorite, multi-monitor  setup Win + I – settings charm (quick access to   power down/restart)
and show preview window (like hovering mouse on them)
Win + C – opens charm bar and clock
Win + H – share charm
Win + D – show/hide desktop
Ctrl + Shift+ N – Create New Folder in Current Directory
Win + Pause – System Properties
Win + Shift+ . – Snap Application to Right Side (Toggles between Right side, Left side and Full Screen)
Win + , – Peek at Desktop (Aero Peek)
Win + Page Up/ Page Down – Switch Primary & Secondary Monitors (Dual Display)

Please don’t try the next shortcut while browsing my website, you try it end of your job.
ALT + F4 – Close metro app

got it……

If you found any difference between Windows 8 & previous versions windows shortcuts please share in comments…let us see how many find difference.


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