WordPress Related Posts (thumbnails) – 5 Best Plugins

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts : If you want users to stay and spend more time on your site, can help in this list connected (similar) posts after the article. As a rule, they are selected related subjects, so with a certain probability that a user can go to other blog articles (rightly, of course, only for projects SOM).  Pictures still get the attention of users than traditional links, so now propose to examine five different plug-ins that will help to realize this functionality.

I think all are now using thumbnails in the posts to display images in a wordpress blog – it’s really very convenient. Developers generally provides further opportunities to maneuver – it’s easy to take them on the site through the template files or special modules. It’s much easier than I ever suffered realizing feature miniatures for Simple Tags , which never does not support them. By the way, after these “improvements” list of stations connected in one of the blogs pleasantly transformed.

Agree, looks better than the usual references. That is why WordPress Related Posts or the following plug-ins you should enjoy it! For research and discovery thanks to the author Get Sticky with Thumbnails . It provides not only a short description of the modules, but also an indication of their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the post has a comparison table on different criteria. Here we go …

1. IGIT Related Posts With Thumb Image After Post

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts “IGIT Related Posts”

Once I began to look at the first plug as there were “some problems.” The module was relevant about a year ago, but for some unknown reason to me to wordpress.org it is gone. My main version – there were certain security problems, but many argue that this “credit” is not a module known vulnerability in WP file timthumb.php. Apparently, because of this module GIT Related Posts is no longer available, however, on the Internet in blogs, I found the source of 3.2, where the error can be corrected and the plugin download.

And he was very, very good, that contains a number of options as to manage the placement of miniatures, their size, quantity, colors, fonts, etc.

Pros: Ability to select horizontal and vertical display, and a large number of settings. Cons: not always good to change the size of thumbnails, and, it seems, no output short text of the relevant posts. Well, the second disadvantage – no plug-in to the official website of wordpress (it is not clear it will be supported in the future or not).

2. Related Posts Thumbnails

This plug-in also has a large number of good options – displays thumbnails, not only in the post, but in the pages + custom record types, the ability to design different settings (background color, borders, the length of the description text, etc.). Also in the module, you can choose the criteria by which to determine the similarity of materials – for tags and / or categories of chance or set manually. You can specify the source of miniatures. Download the plug-in Related Posts Thumbnails here .WordPress Related posts IGIT Related Posts

Pros: many display settings + Choose how to determine WordPress related posts. biggest drawback: display images as large horizontal stripes, which can sometimes look very stylish, but in most cases not very well.

3. Smart Related Posts Thumbnails

This wordpress module options for configuring less than the previous ones, but it does not cause any problems. Here you can choose different sizes of thumbnails, as well as the number to be displayed. Excellent feature is a special effect with the announcement of the post display when you hover on the image. In addition, it seems that the plugin can select images from pictures that are available in the post, and not just take them out of the «featured image». And the auto resize pictures works well. Downloading here .

Pros: Copes with resize (size) of pictures and good effect on hover. Disadvantages: Not very many options for registration.

4. Wp-Thumbie

Plugin WP-Thumbie allows you to control the number of thumbnails, size, text length, the announcement (or disable it), and to exclude a page from the list, or category. You can download the module here .

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts “Wp-Thumbie”

Pleasant options: you can enable / disable the announcements posts, works well resizing images. Disadvantages: Not so many options to customize the look, but like all the highlights are available. WordPress Related Posts Plugin “Wp-Thumbie” Download here

5. KC Related Posts By Category

Actually, the module performs those functions that are declared in the name – displays a list of related posts by category . There may be times when just need the most simple solution.

Pros: Easy, great resize pictures. Cons: Few options to configure, no announcements posts. Despite the fact that the plugin has not only horizontal, but also vertical display option, the latter do not show thumbnails.

In total
After studying all 5 plugins for similar WordPress related posts with thumbnail and consider their functionality get the following table. Estimated parameters: the ability to fine resizes pictures, displaying announcements, horizontal and vertical version of the list layout settings.

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts Plugins Comparison Chart

Is there a winner? The author decided to choose him as a module Wp-Thumbie. First, it is well resize thumbnails – immediately clear what kind of a picture in front of you, and secondly, a basic set of available options. On the other hand, there is no horizontal display style and announcements, so I probably would still be encouraged to choose a module based on your needs . In addition, I also strongly advise to look one of the previous post about the Contextual Related Posts plugin , which is highly customizable and very powerful when it comes to miniatures. In general, all of the modules pretty good more or less the same.

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