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Move WordPress site to another hosting

There are a number of new hosting services  that are available now, and you might be tempted to place the site in one of them.  But what if your site is hosted on a server?  can move WordPress site from one server to another, and this process is quite simple .  Just follow the instructions and you should be able to do it without any glitches.

WordPress-Site-move to another host

Step 1: Save the files on your hard drive an hour

Backing up files is extremely important.  If something goes wrong in the process (it should not, though), you can go back to the saved file and get a job.  You can backup files in WordPress site in two ways: one through PhpMyAdmin, and the other will use the export option present in the panel WordPress.  We will use the import / export option, as you will see it is somewhat easier than PHPMyAdmin.  To export the data from your old WordPress site host, follow these steps:

Control Panel> Tools> Export> All Content> Download file export

After you complete the steps above you get the data as XML-file. Save the file in any place that you feel.  Just remember where you saved it. then open FTP client do you prefer, and go right to the root.  Also, make a copy of the full WP-content folder and save it in the right place.

Step 2: Longitudinal DNS records

Login to your domain name registrar account and visit the area for which you want to change the DNS records, rather than change the name, add two more names.  Would you be able to see wpwebhost as the old server name, and the name of the new server is the one that you have chosen.  This allows you to run your site on two different servers at the same time and is to be on the safe side.

Step 3: Adding a domain in the control panel host

This is the easiest step in the process.  almost child’s play it is. Login in to Control Panel & check the options for Add a domain, option will be available in different navigation or place depending on your Hosting Control Panel

Step 4: Install WordPress on a new computer for WordPress site

You can do this easily as WordPress is a very popular tool, Most of the hosting companies offering WordPress as inbuilt CMS. it allow you to install it with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Step 5: Importing files

After all of these processes are considered, do the following steps in the control panel WordPress installed. Control Panel> Tools> Import> WordPress After clicking on the WordPress it will ask you to set the “importer”.

Step 6: Make sure that everything is working

Visit the WordPress site to see if it is working properly.  Then remove the old server name and put the new in its place.  Be sure to replace or add.  Thus, you will only have two name servers at this time, as opposed to the four you would the last time.

That’s just all you need to transfer the WordPress site to a new host.  entire procedure has been designed so that you do not experience hiccups after moving WordPress site to another host, it means new Host.

In this way you can Move WordPress site to another host

but, be careful while moving online WordPress site.

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